Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Our home

It kind of feels like it's all going on at the moment. I'm sure you know what that feels like, but allow me to unpack that a bit, won't you?
Monday had Abi back to the orthodontist. Since starting her on a course of care to deal with a massive overbite and overcrowding (odd how both can exist in the same mouth) back in March, she knew the day was coming to receive external headgear that she would have to wear 14 hours a day. She didn't like the idea, but had made her peace with it. Well, Monday was supposed to be the day it happened. She was ready, we had prayed, all was a go. As it turns out, however, they were having trouble fitting the anchors in - it seems her teeth have rotated somewhat (I didn't know they could do that!), making it difficult to fit. So, she'll be receiving her headgear in a couple of months when another appliance comes out of her mouth. In the meantime, she was actually pleased to get some braces on her top teeth instead. I think the opportunity to choose different colored bands each month helps alot. :)
Tuesday was my monthly trip to the chiropractor. Toby tends to use the term "vodoo" when mentioning it, but I've noticed it really does help, especially now that my center of gravity is changing on an almost daily basis. The place that I go to I'm quite happy with, in part because they have a room with toys and a TV for the kids to play in so I don't worry about them playing with a TENS unit or snapping themselves with an exercise band. Yesterday, there was a candy machine in the room, one of those old-fashioned gumball machines filled with Mike&Ikes. Unfortunately, this machine didn't require money. Do you understand what that means?! It means that when I stuck my head in the door to check on them, four little faces were looking at me with cheeks so puffed that you'd think they were storing nuts for the winter, plus one somewhat smug face letting me know that they had restrained themselves and had nothing to do with the gluttony of the others. Clearly, my children can't be left alone in a room with an almost unlimited supply of candy at their disposal. To be fair, though, I'm not sure that I could, either.
Wednesday is swim day. That means four hours door to door with travel, three separate swim lessons, and an hour's practice session. Add in any errands to run (like returning 30+ books to the library), and it's a full afternoon. Usually Dan will nap during part of it, and it's always a dance to try to keep him asleep as long as possible, plus finishing any schoolwork that didn't get finished at home. It's worth it, though - my kids are swimming. They swim well. I won't say they're fearless in the water, and I'm kind of thankful for that. I've seen them thinking they're more able than they really are at different points, and this is not an area I want to play around with false bravado.
Thursday is my OB appt. I'm thinking this will be the appt where they give me the details about my glucose test. Man, I can't stand that stupid test. Never having had one in the UK spoiled me. With the last two babies, though, I go for the one hour test, fail it, and have to go back for the three hour test. Ugh. That syrup they make you drink is nasty. And after a fast, too? Awful. I am very thankful I've never failed the three hour test. I am also thankful for the reading, knitting and podcasts that make the long wait much more bearable.
Thursday is also Eleanor's 4th birthday. She's so excited - she's been counting down for a couple weeks, now. We won't be doing anything too special on Thursday because of what we're doing on Friday...
...which involves Toby taking the day off from work, driving up to Lancaster, spending some time at the Veritas Press Open House to do some curriculum shopping, and doing something really fun to celebrate Ellie's big day. I'm looking forward to it, mainly by spending lots of time going over the curriculum we're interested in with a fine tooth comb and trying to see how we can afford it. :)
And Saturday. Our church's Mother & Daughter Tea. I'm looking forward to it, but not as much as my girls, I think. I may have been slightly stupid, but I've signed up to decorate a table, make some food, and lead some of the games. Actually, the games thing was kind of requested of me - it's not the sort of thing I'd really volunteer for. I'm most squirrely about the table decorating, though - I don't have enough cups and saucers (I need 8) and buying new ones is expensive. So if you're local and have some to loan, be a pal and help me out? Thanks...
I know I'm not the only one to have weeks like these, and honestly, it's fine. I like having life going on around me and being involved in all these things. With all of it happening almost at once, though, is making me really look forward to my Sunday. Which is as it should be.

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Danielle said...

Amen. I'm looking forward to Sunday too. Our weeks have been busy too with Josh being gone, sickness, photos to process, papers to grade, etc. I'm counting down until after NEXT weekend, which is the boys' b-day party. I don't usually do b-day parties but they begged (after Sophia's 1st b-day) for a Cars themed one. It's going to be very small, thankfully, but still food etc. to plan for.

Enjoy the trip to Lancaster! Sounds fun!