Wednesday, June 3, 2009

One size fits...none

I made Noah a hat. He has a rather large head, and outgrew his hat from last year quite quickly.
I didn't use a pattern (mistake number one).
I did only rough estimates of measurements (mistake number two).
I made the whole thing without trying it on him at different points along the way (mistake number three).

And what do we have? A massive cloth bucket that no head could ever hope to fill.
If it's too big for Mom and Dad, it's way too big for a two-year old. So what does one do with such a monstrosity? Cut a couple of holes in it and make it a tea cozy? Have a go at resizing the stinker and hope for the best? Or just save it for my wall of shame?
At least it's one (or three) mistake(s) less to make for next time...