Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In Progress

Several projects on the needles - first, it's this sweater, made for a grandma to give to her new granddaughter. I'm working feverishly to see that it's done in time to send it to California. I'm also praying that I've got enough yarn and won't need to order extra! It's coming together in good time, though - it's always helpful when you've got experience with a pattern. With it will go a pair of these really cute booties. 

Next, it's this vest for the Man. It's a great pattern, very classic, but with the little yarn and little needles (size 3!), it's slow going. Fortunately, it's pretty mindless at this point, which means it comes with me and gets worked on when I have to think about other things. I'm hoping it'll be a Christmas gift, but if it's late, I'll have his birthday gift all sorted out!

Finally, a new pair of longies for Dan, just like before. He still wears the old ones to bed, but they're more like britches, now. I really like these on babies - they're warm, cute and work well with cloth or disposable diapers. They're great for overnight, since they keep the kickier kids warm. I was going for black in the hopes that not too much mud and mess will show when he wanders outside in them...Shame about all the white dog hair they'll pick up, though!
So, that's some of what's keeping me busy at the moment. Anyone else got their "making" hats on?