Monday, June 28, 2010

The Fire Station

Last week we had an invitation to join another family on a field trip to the Abingdon Fire Station. How could we pass that up?
Our tour guide, Fireman Monty, apologized for not being able to allow the kids to try on the uniforms. Since they're only laundered quarterly, he thought there might be some hygiene problems. Ick.

He showed us the set up of the truck - in and out - and raised the ladder, which the kids loved. I so would not want to be at the end of it, no way.

When Toby saw the "moving tool chest", I think he was a little jealous.

In checking out the ambulance, Monty shared some stories of the types of calls they receive - everything from car wrecks to "I have a headache". And though I'm sure they would like to give such trifling callers a piece of their minds, they have to respond.

In one of the common rooms, there are some toys available for the firemen's children to use during family days. Of course, my kids found these pretty quick.
I think I got a lot more from it than the kids, primarily in regards to what these men (and women) go through in the course of their "normal" duties. I gained such an appreciation for the sacrifices they make, the time away from family, not to mention how they stand ready to risk their lives at every shift. And in the midst of all this, they're still happy to show a bunch of little kids around the station, answering questions and showing off all their equipment with a smile.

Respect to our local firemen - I'm so grateful for them.