Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Cloud Cake is a very acceptable grown-up's birthday cake. So you know.
Eleanor has truly been graced with her mother's ability to sleep absolutely anywhere.
We are all enjoying watching a new generation of baby robins grow up in our backyard. So cool.

There's been some sewing, some knitting and some cooking going on lately - just not a lot of photos. I'm hoping to fix that soon...

Friday, April 23, 2010

For Libby

If she hasn't received it by now, she'll be getting it soon, so I don't think it'll spoil anything. As requested, the Miss Madeline, for the Miss Libby.

As the fabric was a bit thin, I lined this one, which gives it a touch of added warmth, and some extra drape. Pretty easy, actually.
I hope you enjoy it, Libby - it should serve you well!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The first time I saw her do this, I nearly messed myself. Truly.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Littles Lovin'

This is my big sister, Eleanor.
She's mostly all right, though she kisses me an awful lot.

She's kinda loud, too.
She does make some pretty funny faces, though.

Oh, she's gone again. Never mind.

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Girly Skirt

Just in time for warm weather.

Made from Grandmom's stash, and lined with the same.

A bit of pink bias tape to finish it all off.

A wrestling match with Daddy, just to give it a test run.

I think it passed.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ellie's little trick

You know, I had no idea she could do this until I told her it was time for a diaper change. After the inital shock, I knew I'd have to get it on video...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Circle of Life

Every year, we have robins nest under our deck. It's been really cool being able to watch the process of nesting, seeing each little clutch of eggs, the hatching, and finally the fledging. This year, we also had a wren's nest - a messy-looking thing that was pretty impressive, with it's tunnels and such.
Now, a couple of weeks ago, we had a garden mishap - a wren somehow managed to get it's head stuck in one of our bird feeders and broke it's neck. So glad I didn't see that.
There was some concern that the wren that died was the wren that built the nest under the deck. And so one afternoon, Abigail took it upon herself to clean up, ripping the nest down. Her reasoning was as follows: the nest was the dead wren's (an assumption Mommy & Daddy to be mistaken) and she figured since it was abandoned it didn't matter anymore and she didn't want it to be sitting there all summer. Did I mention that she didn't think there were any eggs in it? Unfortunately, she was wrong - two beautiful, pale pink mottled eggs were smashed on the ground.When she realized that there were eggs in there and that they were little tiny bird lives in there, she was destroyed. I was upset, Anna was sobbing, Noah was accusing, but Abi was distraught. She felt so terrible, what could I say? Well, like any good homeschooling mother, I suggested redeeming the situation by doing a little nature study.
And once again, the robins are back - this time, with a little bit of Thor adorning their nest. Somehow, I don't think he appreciates the honor.
This year, we have 4 robins to look forward to welcoming to our yard. And they are protected by the sternest warnings that only Mommy & Daddy do any nest cleaning and removal. Just in case.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Just say no

If I ever invite you out for lunch, just say no. Otherwise, some or all of the following may occur:
  • I'll arrange to meet you at a great ice cream place that happens to be closed on the day we go.
  • You're a good sport and up for an adventure, so we go (with all 7 children between us, by the way), to a local Mexican joint.
  • As soon as we get our food (10 mins apart because of the huge line that's suddenly turned up), I realize that Daniel's had "an accident". A big one.
  • Kindly, you don't comment on how gross it is that I'm now eating with one hand while the other hand covers the yucky patch on Dan's leg - you have excellent manners.
  • You have to listen to all the "having your hands full" comments, with great grace and a light heart, not to mention the well-meaning fellow who's trying to wrangle you some ill-gotten free food.
  • After I take Noah to the bathroom, you make a mental note to wait until you get home to use the facilities, since Noah experienced some "aiming malfunctions".
  • Finally, when you're almost ready and in the car, you will (briefly) misplace your keys.

So, unless you are my sweet friend Kate or another similarly adventurous spirit, don't come out to lunch with me. I'll totally understand.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


It happened. Again. Went to Kohl's to return a pair of sandals (the stupid rivet came off the strap hours after I bought it - because you really wanted to know). Taking the long way through because the kids were being really good.
And there she was. A sweet-looking elderly woman, looking for a new pair of Keds (presumably). She watched me walk by with the 2 little ones in the double stroller, a wee smile on her face. Then, as the other three walked past her, trailing in my wake, her eyes got bigger and her mouth opened wider. She looked at me, slightly aghast: "Are they all yours??" "Yes, ma'am".
And this is the part that gets me. In a world of smaller families, I can understand the raised eyebrows of seeing a big(ger) family, especially ones where all the kids are so close in age, really. I don't mind questions - that indicates to me someone who wants to understand, who knows they don't have all the answers. But when someone (like this lady) says, "Well, God bless you!" in that tone of voice, it kind of bugs me. Somehow it doesn't seem like the Almighty has been petitioned on my behalf in the middle of the shoe department. No, it sounded more like she meant to say, "God help you, you over-productive glutton!" Granted, that's not actually what she said, so maybe I shouldn't assume, but I've heard the comments enough to sense the tone.
Fortunately, God's grace abounds. When my children hear these comments and look at me, as if to say, "What's wrong with us, Mom?", it gives me the opportunity to put my arm around them, look my accuser in the eye, and with a smile assure them, "Yes, He really has!"