Monday, October 17, 2011

Multitude Mondays

Friday morning was interesting - wind and rain, followed by bright sun, repeat. During one of the wind and rain cycles, I stood at the window, marvelling at how the rain was coming down, just in time to see an old dead pine come crashing into our yard. Though it crashed through part of the kids' swing set, nothing else was damaged beyond some cosmetics. Amazing, considering that it actually hit the house and landed right next to a window and almost on top of our air conditioning unit. Most importantly, everyone is safe and sound. God is merciful.
  • the power God exerts through forces of nature
  • a very helpful insurance company, who gave us a check for repairs the damages the day it all happened!
  • very kind and helpful men with chainsaws
  • chatting with dear friends on skype
  • getting to know other moms at swim school
  • having lunch and games with friends after church
  • a clean closet
  • cookies in the cupboard
  • making plans for Christmas
  • being called, loved and kept by God (Jude 1b)