Friday, November 8, 2013

Presently, I am... thankful for the recent change in weather - finally put away shorts and flip flops and pulled out the woolens! Autumn is my favorite time of year - the trees turn into a firework display, and it makes me so happy!

...reading several books, including Jesus + Nothing = Everything and a biography of Susannah Spurgeon. I've been in a spate of fiction, which was a nice break for my brain, but it's time to read some more edifying stuff.

...knitting my first pair of socks, a sweater for Caleb and a bookmark. Always something to keep my hands busy.

...enjoying turning my girls loose in the kitchen. They've been making all sorts of cookies that I wouldn't have the patience for, and they love it! I'm not as enthusiastic about how the leave the kitchen, but it's an area we're working on.

...battling some pain in my elbow. I'm not sure what tennis elbow really is, but it feels as if I've pulled something. Praying rest and pain killers do the job!

...watching Caleb getting bigger and cuter everyday. He's started taking some steps here and there, and between that and his sweet little chatter, he's just about the cutest thing ever.
...needing to improve in my planning sessions. It always seems to need more time than I am willing to give it, but I'm needing to spend some time planning school, inviting folks over for hospitality, and Christmas gifts. At least the bills are getting paid!