Thursday, July 5, 2012

May I remind you how lame I am?

Because I am lame, and you need to know that to explain why I get so excited about little things. Like taking something not very pretty and making it (I think) prettier. Take this notebook, for instance:
I've used these notebooks for sometime now as my daily to do list and general notetaking. I call it my brain, and it goes almost everywhere with me. But it's not pretty. Granted, coloring in all the white speckles is fun. but that wasn't really doing it for me anymore. So, I went to my sewing room, found some fabric in my stash that would do the job, and came up with this:
At first, the cover was plain, and I liked it well enough, but it lacked umph. Also, I was regularly getting confused between the front and back, top and bottom (lame, I know), so one of Martha Stewart's cute little stencils came to the rescue. I traced the little birdy to some card, used it as a template to cut out some more scrap fabric, ironed on some fusible interfacing to give it some backbone, and stitched it on.
And now, I'm happy. I may at some point in the future add some extra visual interest (like a branch for birdy to perch upon), but for now it makes me happy. I consider it a mark of good character that it takes so little to make one happy - wouldn't you agree?