Monday, November 25, 2013

Sharing the Love

I've been knitting for about 6 years, and in that time I've made hats, blankets, sweaters, etc. I've learned a few tips and tricks, but I'd never tried socks...until now!
I bought some beautiful, autumnal colored Noro Taiyo sock yarn at the local yarn store (props to Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe!) with some birthday money (still working through the birthday gift money!) before our trip to Orlando last month, with the commitment that now was the time to try to tackle the sock project. With confirmation that the TSA would, in fact, allow circular knitting needles on board a plane, I was ready for travel.
 It took a while to settle on a beginner-type sock pattern, and I eventually chose the Noro Stripey Sock pattern. I didn't go with two different colors for the true striping, but just knit my way through the yarn and let the chips fall where they may. They fell pleasantly, I think.
They are warm, colorful, soft and lovely. There is one problem, though - they are somewhat...large. Like really large. I know it's mainly because I used size 3 needles instead of the size 1 or 2, as suggested. It's at times like these where I must acknowledge that somethings are simply meant to be. In this case, it is my husband who was clearly meant to have these new socks. And he loves them, of course - they are warm, colorful, soft and lovely.
So, I got to learn a new knitting skill, and Toby got some new hand knit love. A win-win scenario, for sure.