Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Right Now

  • I'm starting the day with the near-giddy feeling of having had a full night's sleep! Caleb has been waking several times a night recently (teething and rolling over and waking himself up), and the bags under my eyes were enough to carry my keys in. But last night, he slept. All. Night.  I wouldn't want to presume on God's kindness to suggest that this is the new normal, but it's a merciful gift, and I'm taking it!
  • Even as certain facets of homeschooling draw to a close for the year (co-op's finished, one more week of Bible and History), we are well on track for planning for the next school year. Most of the curriculum has been purchased, which always makes me excited; I love seeing all those new books and anticipating a new student next year - Eleanor will be a Kindergartner!
  • I'm also working on the plan for the Gayner Family Summer School. Reading, projects, trips, memory work and camps should all feature in - I think the kids (and maybe even I) are gonna enjoy this...
  • Last Friday was Ellie's 5th birthday. Five years old. I know I sound old, but where did that time go? It was fast! One day, she's this tiny little thing all wrapped up in her own cord and half a decade later - BAM! - she's this cute, fiery little madam with a sweet-as-honey smile and rage issues. Crazy.
  • The day before her birthday, we took a little field trip to the D.C. Zoo. It was a great day - good weather, saw some fun animals, hung out with some families at co-op, and followed it all up with a nice dinner out. 
How much to elephants pee and poop each day?
  • Saturday was our church's annual Mother-Daughter Tea, which my mom, Abi, Anna, and myself attended. It was a lovely time, hearing about God's grace in the lives of moms and their daughters and spending some fun time with my own mom and daughters.
  • Mother's Day was Sunday (in this country, anyway). I'm never sure how to approach these special days - I tend to over-inflate the day with my own unrealistic expectations, then get all huffy when things don't go the way I plan. I was working hard this time, not to do that, but just relax (if possible) and enjoy my family. And I did. I was served my favorite breakfast (bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, if you want to know), had a lovely morning in church, followed by a restful afternoon knitting outside and a fun and yummy meal made by my sweet husband. I received cards and a gift from my family, but really, the family is the gift.