Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In which a change is not as good as a rest

The change: I'm sick. I hate being sick. I'm also a little dumb (that's not a change, though). When life gets busy and I get a little twirly, I think to myself, "Maybe I need to take a sick day. A couple days in bed nursing something not-horrible might be kind of nice." See? Not my brightest moment.
It started last week, with first Dan, then Caleb and Ellie coming down with coughs. The older ones managed to avoid it so far, mainly because they don't feel the need to get into everyone's faces the way the younger ones do. They passed it to me, I believe, in a dastardly attempt to get more TV time. Their plan backfired, however - don't they know that with warm weather and (for the first time in 15 years) a lack of doggy-deposits in the yard means they play outside? A clever move, my worthy little foes, yet I remain triumphant! :)
Now, I sit, still needing to keep with things/life in some measure, as it appears that you don't really get to stay in bed all day unless you are, indeed, suffering from something fairly horrible/contagious. For me, some sinus congestion and a sore throat do not qualify. Pity.
I ended  up having to miss my book club last night, which was so disappointing on two counts: 1) I worked really hard to get the book finished in time and really wanted to hear what others thought of it, and 2) I promised to make cake for those who finished. I will be sure to redeem myself next month! We'll be reading The Kitchen House, for anyone who's interested. I'll have to get a hold of it soon...
Hope you hearty and hale people are enjoying the spring; I'll be back out there myself, as soon I no longer need to be in arm's reach of a tissue at all times!