Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sometimes... kids drive me up a wall. Truly. I can be baffled by how petty, spiteful and downright mean they can be to each other, or how difficult and stroppy they can be with their dad and I. I shouldn't be surprised, of course - the same sin that's in me is in their hearts as well, but still...
It's about this time that I realize that I need to focus on and be thankful for the grace I do see in their lives - the kindnesses, the opportunities they've taken to serve someone other than themselves, or the growths in godliness. Because it is there, really - I just need the eyes to see and celebrate...
  • Anna and Ellie caring for Noah when he fell off his bike
  • Abi putting away Ellie's clean clothes
  • Noah offering to help with chores
  • Abi helping Anna with her piano music
  • All being quick to hug and play with Dan
  • Anna changing a dirty diaper
  • Abi helping Ellie in the shower
  • Ellie cheerfully doing her chores.
Most of these things are little things and don't always happen regularly, but they help remind me that God is at work in their lives and things aren't as bad as I am tempted to think on the rough days.

How has your child unexpectedly blessed you this week?