Thursday, June 2, 2011

Warm Weather Dessert

You don't hear too much about the lowly parfait anymore, but I'm suggesting a comeback. For one thing, it's pretty. The aesthetic pleasure goes a long way, I think.

It's seasonal - all those berries ripening up are put to excellent use here, and you don't need a lot of them.

It's quick - we're talking about layering yogurt (vanilla is best, use low/no fat for calorie counting), fruit and granola. Do it till the dish is full. That's it. No hot ovens to deal with.

It's healthy - almost everything is low or no fat. I use my own granola recipe, but almost any granola you enjoy will do.

And the wine glasses? They just make me feel like a grown up...

Please share any yummy summer dessert suggestions!

Tea for Anna

This has been done for quite a while - I can't believe I haven't shared yet!

Done in the same yarn as my own Tea Leaves, this mini version is the same size as Abigail's - sharing is almost inevitable.

Some changes: I didn't do the decreases in the arm. No need. And I lengthened the arms, as well. She'll be able to wear it longer, especially since she'll get no use out of it at all for the next few months...

I've also learned that I love wooden buttons. They're cute and sturdy, standing up to washing, playing and tugging. And they match almost anything.

I love this pattern (I may have mentioned this before!). I suppose it'll be Ellie's turn next, though I think I'll wait a few months until it's needed. :)