Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kentucky Horse Park

 Last week we had a chance to visit the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, an hour away. Toby was even able to join us, and thanks to some free passes, it was very affordable!
 Noah, Ellie, and Dan had a great time riding the ponies...

 ...whereas Abi and Anna ventured out on a 45-minute trail ride - their first time!

Caleb made do with a little bronze donkey - it was more his speed.
There was a trolley tour that took you all over the park that was actually rather helpful... 
...and a fun Kids' Barn, where the kids even got to brush one of the horses (for those who felt brave enough).

 This is Ollie, a Norweigen Fjord horse. He's pretty, and he's got seriously cool hair.
They even had, on display, some of the jumps that they've used in shows and competition. These two chairs would hold one of the jumps (it took some explaining that not even the horses could jump over the chairs!

In one of the museums (there are a few, and they are thorough!), they had a blue screen where you could pretend to ride some show horses...
My cowboys.