Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinning Away!

At the beginning of the year, I had this great idea of trying to do/make/cook at least one thing each week from one of my Pinterest boards. Of course, soon after that my morning sickness/tiredness struck, and all good plans were put on hold. Now that I've been making up for lost time, here are a few of the pins I've tried:
Mega-yum. Everyone loved this dish, which fed us two dinners with some leftovers besides. Great for a crowd.
These are actually for dinner tonight. I made them for the kids for the first time when Toby and I were going out to dinner. We each had a bite and briefly considered changing our plans! They're fun, easy and score some "Cool Mom" points. I could always use a couple of those.
I made these for Ellie for some of her Littlest Pet Shop toys. They get played with sometimes, but not as much as I thought. And not in the way I thought. Whatever, they're still cute.
The tutorial I used talked about these as "time out" bottles. We don't do time outs, but they still looked like fun. Going with plastic bottles is the best way - I used old Snapple bottles because it's what we had, but I'm always super nervous when they're played with away from a carpeted floor. Everyone likes them, though - I made one each for Ellie and Dan, but they are not the only kids around here who like spending time with them...

Any other good Pins out there that I'm missing? Or massive disasters that would best be avoided?

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