Friday, October 5, 2012

9 things about Caleb

  1. He is my third (yes, third) due date baby - my water broke just after midnight on August 30th, and he finally arrived at 1:01pm. For most of the world, only 2% of babies come on their due dates, but at my house, it's 50%.
  2. He's very laid back, a must for a sixth child.
  3. He has a lot of hair. We like to comb it into a "faux-hawk".
  4. He has kind of a large nose. Not massive or anything, but he kinda needs to grow into it a little. Eleanor said he has "a piggy nose", and I confess, I must agree.
  5. He is the only baby of mine not to have even the slightest bit of jaundice. I put it down to all the pooping he did his first 24 hours. 8 bowel movements the first day of life will get things moving!
  6. He has a short frenulum. I had never heard of this before, but it's basically a slight tongue-tie. It's not bad, and he nurses well, so will not need to have it clipped (eek!).
  7. His breath smells like peaches and cream, but his diapers do not.
  8. He has done two real, proper, reaches-the-eyes smiles. The first one brought tears to my eyes, it was beautiful.
  9. He is amazing and marvellous and beautiful and everyone who meets him falls in love. He has this affect on people.  We shall watch him very carefully when he's 16.