Thursday, June 28, 2012

I've been bitten... the organizing bug.
I'm totally blaming Pinterest, by the way (isn't it great to have something else to blame?) Why do people have to share such clever ideas? And yet I'm so happy they do...
So, here are some of the ideas I'm hoping to implement this week (or next, or sometime I have energy and before the baby comes):
This would have been so helpful that (one!) time we were pulled over - couldn't find anything in the messy glove box!
 I don't think I'll do it exactly like this, but I am inspired - currently the bed linens are tossed onto high shelves with great hopes they won't fall on anyone's head.
 This would be great in both my bathroom and the kids' bathrooms, leaving shelf space for "pretty things".
 Now, I don't think I'll go this far in the car, but again - inspirational. I love how it's all there, but in the trunk, away from nosy hands. Didn't know hands could be nosy, huh? I assure you, it's possible.
 I might be most excited about this one. I am so weary of traipsing up and down the stairs looking for various school/craft tools and stashing them on random shelves or dark and dusty nooks because they don't have a decent home. Finally, homes for the homeless supplies!
All these ideas and more are on my Pinterest board - none of them have I been clever enough to come up with myself!

I know there are others out there getting their homes/school supplies/lives sorted out this summer. What are some good ideas you've come across?