Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Conference Cowl

This is it (I think) - the last completed project update!
It was a great project. I had a ball of Malabrigo Rios left over from my Estelle and I needed a project that was interesting but not too involved to take along to the Sovereign Grace Pastor's Conference. This pattern and this yarn made for a beautiful pair.

I began on the car-ride down to Gaithersburg and finished the day we came home. Perfect.

Plus, I learned two things:
1. Blocking is so important. I already knew this, but the reminder was helpful. When it was first finished and I put it on, it looked like a large, blue caterpillar was attacking me. It was more than a little snug around my neck, and I was preparing to give it away. But once home and suitably blocked, the fibers really r  e  l  a  x  e  d, and there was a lovely drape to it. No more(wo)man-eating caterpillars here.

2. When you drop your yarn in the middle of a meeting and the ball rolls under the dozen or so rows in front of you, several things will happen: the yarn will pick up dust and fluff, people will turn and look at you, you will want the floor to open up and swallow you whole, you will have to ask a patient man to throw that ball of yarn back behind his feet so you can get to it, he will look at you like you have 3 heads as you scrabble about on the floor, you will feel like an utter moron, and you may never live it down. I'll get back to you on the last one.
For real. 

Baby set

Such a cute set, and a nice project to work on.

 Having made both before helps with speed, but having to rip out the sweater twice before getting beyond the second button does not.

 Abi helped sew up the booties, so I can officially call it a joint effort.
I don't know what to say about that pen cap (other than that it is obvious I do not use Photoshop), but all the info is on my Ravelry page.

Gorilla legs

That's what Toby calls these little soakers - the wool is rather...hairy, so I suppose it suits.
 I love them, though. He's warm and cozy, with plenty of growing room. And of course, they make the perfect cloth diaper cover - no leaks and no smell.

 Even though I did run out of yarn right before the end and had to substitute with another black yarn for the last inch of the second leg. A non-hairy yarn.
 No, we'll not discuss that. We'll simply enjoy the fact that they fit, they do their job and they're finished.
Check here for more details.

Another hat!

This one was mine. Seriously. I'd had my eye on using this yarn for a while - it's so soft and just...yummy. But it was very much not the right gauge, nor was I using the correct needle size, for my own noggin. But it fit this little noodle very well...

 Yeah, I know the photos are blurry. I defy you to get one in focus some days - I couldn't pay him to keep still!
Visit the Ravelry page for pattern and yarn details.

Annette needs a hat, too

 Another "A" name, but not another child - this is Abigail's American Girl doll, so kindly gifted to her by friends. We've been busy making her some clothes, and I'm working at using up some of the ends-of-yarn balls from previous projects. I had enough purple cotton for a little cap.
Rubbish picture - taken in a dark hallway at night, while children sleep. Helpful making info found here.

Sock Hat

I'm not particularly fond of making Anna hats, since she tends to lose them, without much remorse, I might add. Still the child needs a hat, and I've had this handspun sock yarn I bought off ebay for so long, I figured I'd put it to good use on her head...

 She seems to like it. Maybe she'll hang on to this one a while.

Pattern details on my Ravelry page.