Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting ready

In about 6 weeks, we shall be welcoming our 5th child into the world. So, we've been working at making our home and our lives ready for him. For me, this includes finishing up some of the knitting projects I'd been working on for him.
This sleep sack has been a great pattern to work with. My first attempt at mini-cabling and the three needle bind off. It's nice learning something new. And the wee one will have something bright and cheerful to keep warm in.
We also thought he'd need a bed to sleep in - turns out the bookcase idea isn't so great. So thanks to the Lyttles for the loaner!

Now it's a matter of finishing up the sweater I'm working on for him - just seaming up, really - and deciding on a good knitting project for packing in my hospital bag. I'm thinking something not too pattern-heavy, not too boring and rather forgiving of the occasional contraction-induced dropped stitch. I'm open to suggestions!