Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Little Dude

Tomorrow, Dan turns 4 years old. Some days, I can believe he's survived that long...
The boy is a riot. Seriously. The stuff he comes out with is typically ridiculous, bordering on the bizarre, so that we can't help but laugh. Fortunately, he always seems to know that we're laughing with him, rather than at him.
He's such a ball of energy: always talking, moving, playing; never, ever still...until he sleeps.
 He's so affectionate, snuggling on laps, giving hugs and kisses, interrupting Daddy's study time just to let him know how much he loves Daddy. And if anyone in this family would be considered the outgoing one, it's Dan. As soon as he meets someone, he introduces himself and makes sure that they know when his birthday is. So, everyone who knows Dan can celebrate his big day with him.
Happy birthday, little dude. You crack me up.