Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Multitude Mondays, a day late

I have been deliberately quiet in the blog-o-sphere last week, as I wanted to enjoy this break from the norm as much as possible. It does mean, however, that catching up can take a while...
So thankful for:
  • finding out on Christmas Eve that we are expecting a new little Gayner (watch out world!)
  • finishing all Christmas gifts in time
  • a lovely family walk
  • going to church on Christmas morning
  • even though we had a water leak, it wasn't messy or overly horrible
  • even though I burnt part of our Christmas ham, it was still salvageable and edible
  • even though our water problems meant we couldn't go visit some of our favorite people, we enjoyed spending time together at home:
  • Toby and I saw Sherlock Holmes and had Chick Fil A for dinner (a real treat!)
  • we received a free pull-out couch for our study, and helpful neighbors helped to move it in
  • we received free bunk beds to replace the boys' worn out ones
  • we took the kids to the Walter's Art Museum
  • we spent time organizing our study
  • we went out to breakfast
  • we spent time with my parents and the "Christmas, Round 2" they brought with them!
  • I went shopping with my mom - and found men's pants for $4! I still can't quite get over that one...
  • Her Majesty kindly refunded us money we hadn't known she borrowed - always a nice surprise!
  • In all the joys and blessings of our holiday, I am so thankful that He came - our Emmanuel came to be with us, with me.