Monday, October 7, 2013


We've lived in Louisville for a whole month, now, and this month has gone pretty quickly. The days are so full, delightfully full. One thing that Toby and I have noticed is how, in spite of how much reading and studying he's doing and how busy I've been in keeping on top of school, house, and life in general, our time seems much freer than it had done. Because we are here for the sole purpose of attending the PC, our time and purpose here is rather singular-focused. We don't have the same level of commitments in so many different areas - we're not spinning so many plates. It's been like a deep intake of breath - very refreshing.
Of course, this is for a finite period of time, as it should be. A singularly focused season of life is for a purpose and is rather intense. Just as it's good to have a break from the norm for a while, you can't live on a vacation schedule, nor would it be good to do so. This season isn't exactly a vacation, but I do think it's been a break that God is using to teach us, grow us, and make us ready for the next thing He's got planned for us, whatever that may be.
The whole point of taking a deep, cleansing breath is to let it out as you move into a new thing. My prayer for our family and those of the other PC families is not that we would breathe in this time of grace for our own comfort, but that we would be preparing to breathe out God's praise both now and in all the "nexts" He's got planned for us.