Monday, September 16, 2013

The Picture Post

 Well, as promised, here are a few photos of our new place. The pictures haven't been edited in anyway, so messy floors and laundry will be in attendance.
First up, we have the school room. The built-in bookshelves made this room's purpose clear at once.
The pack & play will be Caleb's prison/play zone when he gets a little too inquisitive.
This is the living room, complete with folded laundry. Doesn't everyone have piles of laundry in their living room?
 All of our books fill the corner of the living room.
The dining room is just off the living room.
 Here's the kitchen. The counter and cabinet space is more limited than in our old house, so I'm grateful for the rolling cutting board and a hutch we bought from home.  
 This is the family room, located in the basement. Our TV/DVD player is down here, and behind the couch is the home for pretty much all our toys.
 Anna and Ellie are sharing this room. At first, there was some issue about this being the smallest room, but it's still bigger than their old bedroom, and they've made it feel really cozy.
 Our bedroom is huge. On the wall opposite the bed is my rowing machine, which I've been using almost every day, and we have our own powder room. And loads of closet space.
 Abi and Caleb share a bedroom, and it's working really well. Abi doesn't yet have a bed frame, but she's got a mattress. We are working on getting a bed for her, though - she's been so patient!
 The boys' room is almost as big as ours! As such, this is the only bedroom that has a few toys in it.
Not pictured is Toby's office and our laundry room. I didn't take those pictures because, well, they're pretty uninteresting. Both rooms are in the basement on opposite sites of a collapsible partition. They are both helpful in their ways, but not particularly visually appealing.
So, there it is. I hope you've enjoyed your virtual tour!