Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Moon Cup

DISCLAIMER - For the Ladies Only!
Not that I think that there are many men who actually read this blog, I wouldn't want any random male passing by to suffer from a case of "female overshare"! So if you are a guy, just pass on by, and we'll catch you again on a less gender-biased day. :)

Ladies, here it is - a Moon Cup.

I have been wanting to review this product for a while, but honestly there have been hold ups:
I've been pregnant;
I've been nursing, which postpones my monthly cycle;
and because of the two reasons above, I haven't really thought about it.

 But now, I've remembered.

I began using the Moon Cup probably in 2005, when I began selling cloth diapers through the Lollipop company. Along with cloth diapers, they offered reusable menstrual cloths and this weird, rubbery thing. I could get on board with the cloth pads, but I wasn't sure about the cup. I mean, there is a pretty serious "ick" factor working here. But I figured if I am supposed to sell it, I should at least try it. If I hate it, I could at least suggest the women save their money.
As it happens, I never made that suggestion, nor have I ever regretted switching. In fact, I think one of the only things working against the moon cup and others like it (like the Keeper, Lunette and the DivaCup) is the "ick" factor. Once you get over that, though, there's no looking back.
Why should you try to get over it, though? Here are some reasons:
  1. It's cheaper. Lots. In fact, the Moon Cup website does a cost break down. Seriously, that's money I could do something with!
  2. It's pretty convenient. You never run out and if you keep it in your bag when your cycle is approaching, you are never caught out. And if you kids pull it out of your bag in a public place, you can be almost guaranteed that no one will know what it is!
  3. No toxic shock concerns. Since toxic shock syndrome is linked with the cotton fibers in tampons, this has none of those risks. Mine is made from silicone (though the Keeper is latex), which doesn't wear out (not anytime soon), smell or stain.
So, there it is. It may sound weird or a little gross, but really for moms, we live with weird and gross things every day. At least this thing is working for you.