Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going camping

On Friday night, I will be one amongst the 24 mothers and daughters going camping. As part of the Keepers at Home group that runs at our church, we decided one of the things we'd like to do with the girls is go camping, mainly for their fun and enjoyment, as well as for the opportunity for them to earn a badge for it. I'm in two minds about it, I must admit.
See, we are campers. I am happy to identify myself that way, and I really do enjoy it - from being a little cold to waking up early with the birds and really needing that first cup of coffee/tea by the fire. I love the cooking out, the kids wandering through the woods, the crackle of the campfire. But there are parts that I am not so fond of - the part that I'm in right now - the packing.
I normally don't mind packing for trips too much, but camping is different. Not only does it all have to fit in the car, but if I forget something small but crucial, it will mean the trip might just be miserable. Plus, with a camping trip, you've got to bring things that you don't normally bring on vacation, things like a kettle, lantern, and toilet paper. Ugh.
Plus, I tend to put off packing the "details" - anything that is not major equipment or clothes - until the last minute, whereupon I begin "panic packing". Does anyone else do this? I'm not sure if I or someone else will need it, but it might come in handy/I'm not sure if I've already packed it so I'll grab another, just in case/Oh, I almost forgot this!
There is one other concern here, and it's pretty big: Toby's not going. Moms and girls only. So, not only am I not going with the real camper in the family, I am also responsible for all our gear, which I only sort of know how to handle. Usually, when we camp as a family, my expertise falls in the "keep the kids alive" and "do what I'm told" categories. Now I have to erect and refold the tent correctly, learn how to light the lantern, and judging by comments from other moms, be prepared to light the campfire. So not in my comfort zone...
Having said all that, I know that once I'm there with my friends, we will have fun. The girls will have a blast, which is the main thing, and these women are great. We'll have so much fun together, having a laugh and most likely a blunder or two. It will be a good, stretching occasion for all of us, but I would like the record to show that it was I who suggested we stay in cabins.