Sunday, April 19, 2009

Nap time

Toby and I were enjoying our post-Sunday-lunch nap (while the big girls were playing outside and the little two were asleep) when we became aware of some clinking and scuffling. Cracked an eyelid to see this:

My first born not only brought me a snack, picked me flowers, and straightened my nightstand, but she did the same for Toby as well. Never mind that she picked my beloved peonies that haven't yet bloomed, or that a pile of books she had neatly stacked crashed to the ground and nearly gave us a heart attack. My sweet girl wanted to bless her mommy and daddy for the sheer joy of doing so. What a blessing she is, too.

Phase 1 - Complete

On Friday, our friends sailed off into the Wild Blue Yonder. Actually, they flew home to Birmingham. But we had a marvellous time with them.

On their last full day with us, we took the children to Port Discovery. The kids had a great time, the adults just kept doing head counts all day. (We got a number of looks that said "One man + two women + 8 kids = Mormon family.)
The most hair-raising part of the day wasn't the city driving or getting a touch lost on the way out, or even when Noah wandered off for a few minutes (though Toby and I apologize afresh to our parents for doing the same!). No, it was when the woman who is afraid of heights decided to climb up this...

...and down this...
...with this view below... that her Anna wouldn't be scared. And not only did it not work, but I had to work very
hard to not completely flip out while in the net-tube. Nearly shamed myself, though...