Sunday, September 8, 2013

As the dust settles...

Well, we're in.

Due to the help of many amazing friends, we were able to get the moving truck packed in good time and still make a final run to our favorite ice cream place.

Our plan was to leave first thing in the morning on the 30th, but "first thing" became more like 10:30am, with all the last little things we kept finding to pack up. Still, we managed to get on the road and had a great, albeit long, drive to Charleston, WV, where we stayed for a couple of nights to break up the trip. We stayed at the Best Western in town, visited the West Virginia State Museum, which I would highly recommend, if you're ever in the area - it was so well done, very interesting, and free to boot - swam in the hotel pool and got some chill time.

On Sunday, we set of for the final leg of our journey which went pretty uneventfully. We arrived mid afternoon, met the landlord and had a look around the house - it's a great place! At some point, I plan on posting some photos, but for now, you'll have to take my word for it.
We had planned on spending two nights in the house before our moving truck arrived, since they don't deliver (or pick up) moving trucks on weekends or holidays. We planned accordingly with spare clothes, blow up beds and sleeping bags, anticipating the truck's arrival sometime Tuesday afternoon. Tuesday morning, however, we got word that the truck had been delayed for some reason, and it should arrive on Wednesday. Disappointing, but the delay meant that Toby was able to look for, find, and bring home a new (from Craigslist) washer and dryer to keep us in clean clothes.

On Wednesday, however, we found out that, due to a clerical error, our truck never left Baltimore and wouldn't arrive until Friday. So not my plan! In the meantime, we did get our Internet connection, our YMCA membership, and a meet & greet with the other PC students and their families, which was such a blessing.

Friday felt a long time in coming, but when it finally rolled around, our moving truck came with it! As soon as that thing turned up, everyone in the house cheered!! It took us 3 days to pack and, thanks to lots of help (again!), about 6 hours to unpack. By Friday night, we all had beds to sleep in, a couch to sit on and a dining table to eat at! So much happiness.

It's now Sunday, and things are taking shape. We have most of the rooms set up as we'd like them, with a few boxes still to sort through. I'd say we're currently macro organized, and this week we'll work on getting micro organized, before school (for Toby and the kids) begins on September 16.

As always, there were definitely things God showed me through some of our difficulties this last week. He's shown me that I am naturally impatient and controlling, wanting things when and how I want them. He's also shown me how faithful and redemptive He is. For instance, if the truck had arrived when it was supposed to, Toby wouldn't have been able to pick up the washer and dryer. We also would have missed being very blessed and cared for by our neighbors, who provided our family with two meals, some temporary tables and chairs to eat at, and an open-door whatever-you-need offer. So much goodness.

And so begins a new year, and new adventure for the Gayner clan. We're preferring the word "adventure" this year, since all the best adventures aren't the smooth and easy ones (though I do like smooth and easy!), but they are the exciting ones and make for the best stories. We are unsure of all God has in store for us this year, but we know Him. And He is good.