Friday, August 28, 2009

Last night

I think every child in Harford County must have woken up with that thunderstorm last night. Boy, was that a doozy. Technically, only Abigail and Noah woke up to the storm - I'd been laying there in bed for a few minutes, wondering when they were going to turn up. As for the other two, it was Noah's scream of sheer terror that woke them up. And had me stepping on the dog.
There was no way anyone was sleeping for a while after that. So, there were 6 people packed, sardine-like, into our bed. Everyone was quiet for a while, but there was no sleep to be found. After about half an hour of struggling to make a place for myself in this bed, we gave up and packed 'em all off to bed. And with the exception of one more brief appearance from Master Noah, all was quiet from then on. Except for the occasional and distant rumblings of the storm.
The best part of it is that I know for sure that we were not the only disturbed house around: the neighbors across the road, with a two-year-old daughter, had their light on for a while last night, too.