Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tip of the Day

For homeschooling with preschoolers , try some hands-on things that still meet the "fun but educational" requirement.

For Christmas, we received this toy.
It doesn't get used as often as it should, but I think I'll be working it into our days a little more.
It's fun, creative, colorful, and doesn't roll off the table like those wretched lacing beads do. Plus, smaller siblings can't swallow them. Good to know, right?


I am so loving this zippered pouch thing. I could make loads, if only I had an unlimited supply of zippers...
Thankfully, I learned my lesson after the last whoops - fabric is all the right way around!

I don't have a particular purpose for all these little sweeties, but it's a great way to use some scrap material. If anyone wants one, let me know!