Tuesday, September 16, 2008

(Some stuff I've made)

I've found that, as people learn that I enjoy knitting and sewing, they assume that I can make just about anything! I gotta say, I am just not that gifted! I'm still learning a lot, and can honestly say that I learn something new with each new creation. So, here is some things I've made myself, and some things that have faked folks out...

We bought this runner in Liditz, PA

My handbag/nappy bag - this is one of mine (credit to Amy Butler designs, though)!

Crocheted washclothes - me

Amish quilt - definitely not me!!

Crocheted doily - again, you must be kidding! A treasured gift from my Aunt Catherine, who gave this to me at my wedding shower.

Noah's sweater - the one I never thought I'd finish. I'm pleased at how it came out, though it's huge on him (size 3), and the back is somehow shorter than the front. Hmm, not sure about that...

I also made these for breakfast not too long ago. They were more well received than anything else...;)