Monday, April 13, 2009

Some goings-on

All is quiet here because it's all happenin' at home! Throw together out-of-town (or in our case, out-of-country) guests, a couple of birthdays, Easter, lots of days out, a couple of projects and a couple of nights away, and you've got one busy household, I can tell you.
For now, I'm working on the February Lady Sweater (for myself, thank you very much), and a little something for Toby for his birthday, but I won't spoil the surprise.
We've got a new mama robin and egg in a new nest under the deck - same as last year. It's rather nice to see them again.
Our time at the Sovereign Grace Pastors' Conference was wonderful - truly. The thing that got me immediately upon arrival was how joyful everyone was, and so happy to serve. Great preaching, marvellous worship, and fabulous fellowship - we loved it.
Rest assured, photos are coming...