Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Knitting - In Threes (again)

I mentioned earlier that I had cast on another In Threes to use up the other skein of that lovely Malabrigo yarn - well, here it is!
 Not the best pictures, as it's still on the blocking board, plus a busted camera means my iPhone camera is my only option. I should have a go at running some of these photos through Instagram or something interesting. Maybe one day.
I may or may not be somewhat addicted to baby/kid/little thing knitting. It's so nice to have something to show for your efforts in a short period of time. I still want to get into something that requires more of an investment, but using up small amounts of yarn and finishing some comissioned items before winter (ahem) seems to be where it's at for the moment...Maybe if I finish my other projects soon, I can justify my big project, right?