Monday, November 11, 2013

Tea for Abigail

 Abigail is probably my most difficult child to knit for. Perhaps it's because she's the oldest and has the most developed sense of her own style, or maybe just because she's no longer young enough for me to say "I knit that thing for you, so you're gonna wear it!" and have that be enough. Regardless, I view her to be my personal knitting challenge, always trying to find the thing that we'll both like and that she'll actually wear.

 So far, she's been getting some wear out of this new Tea Leaves Cardigan. She chose the pink trim to compliment the blue, and I think it was a good choice - it brightens up the overall look and goes well with some of her standard clothing selections.

It does appear, however, that she's gotten rather comfortable with her new threads quite quickly - I caught her sneaking out into the back yard last night because she had left her new sweater in the tree earlier in the afternoon. So, if you happen to see a sweater that looks like this one lying around anywhere, you know where to return it, don't you? Thanks...