Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Birthday

Sunday was my sweet husband's 38th birthday. I remember when I was growing up and thinking that 36 sounded really...not old, exactly, but very adult. While he is very much a man, I wouldn't always describe him as (ahem) an "adult".
In honor of my "always-manly-but-sometimes-less-than-adult" husband, I'd like to share a few little tidbits about the man I married:
  1. He shares his birthday with Queen Elizabeth II.
  2. He was born early and had a hernia at 6 weeks old.
  3. He has a very strange affinity for bananas. He likes them any which way - on cereal, in ice cream, on pizza, covered in garlic, herbs and cheese. He also likes their price. On that front, at least, I see his point.
  4. He loves cardinals. The flash of a brilliant, red bird across the yard is enough to make his day.
  5. He grew up in a seaside town, but doesn't much care for the beach.
  6. He writes left-handed but does pretty much everything else right-handed.
  7. He's one of those annoyingly clever people that can do almost anything he tries. Never played baseball - hits 2 home runs. Doesn't play an instrument - can tap out tunes he hears on the piano. No plumbing experience - guts and refits a bathroom. Annoying, but a great guy to know.
  8. There's little he wouldn't do to help someone. He's been known to move furniture, meet a friend in need at any hour, give generously, rescue stray/injured animals, and generally bend over backwards for folks. And he does it cheerfully, knowing that doing so honors the Lord.
  9. He owned a Milli Vanilli tape in high school. (He continues to wear the mark of Shame.)
  10. He might be the most safety conscious man I know. Hats, safety specs, ear protection - we've got it all, folks. He even brought home a gas mask for the kids to try on once. (I think a bad diaper might have been involved.)
  11. He's a very "creative" dancer. Kind of like Homer Simpson - he is all white boy.