Friday, July 25, 2008


For the uninformed, I have been learning to sew. Here is a sample of some creations to date:

Anna's birthday dress, made from the Girls' Regency Dress pattern from Sense & Sensibility

A diaper bag I made for a friend from Amy Butler's Nappy Bag pattern. I've made a few of these now and have been asked to make some to sell, but unfortunately the pattern is copyrighted, to nix to that idea...

Abigail's Easter dress above and Anna's Easter dress below, both made from the Regency pattern. Hey, if it works, why mess with a good thing?

Okay, the next sample is a bit scary. The dress itself is fine: a nursing dress by Catherine's Choice pattern. It's been a great dress to wear and I've made a second one, green and a bit shorter than the first (mid-calf length). So admire the dress and ignore the large and frightening model...

There are many other projects, either that have not been recorded or are still in the pipeline. I'll do my best to post more as they're made, so watch this space!

Living up to the name

So that you don't think we were just being fanciful with the 'wildlife' portion of the title, below are some examples we've found in and around the house...

A robin's nest under the deck - there were two nests in the end. This nest was eventually abandoned, but the other hatched 2 eggs - so cute!

Meet the wren that made it INSIDE the house, and is trying desperately to get out. I'm not sure who was more eager for him to escape - him or me

An impressive little tree frog, the exact color of our shed.


Apparently, box turtles are pretty common around here. We're not sure how this guy managed to get into our garden or get out again, but he spent a week touring the whole yard. I suspect he was on vacation...Fancy spending it with us

Finally, meet the scary, hairy spider that lurks in our shed. We don't know what sort it is (thought it was a wolf spider at first, but unlikely), but we think it's a male by the polop-y 'fangs' on the front. He's not too bad, really - we all leave each other alone and he keeps the bugs down. Not a bad deal really.