Monday, June 10, 2013

A (belated) Birthday Sweater

So, here's the story.

Ellie had seen me knitting this sweater for someone at our co-op.

"Mommy, is that for me?"

"No, darling, that's for a baby at co-op."

"Oh. Can you make me one, please?"

I get started, planning to finish for her birthday. Doesn't every child want a birthday gift they can't use for several months?

Two days before the big day, I run out of yarn. Off to the local yarn store. They don't have that exact color in stock, so I go for something close. It's not as close as I thought - not close at all, in fact.
I order online and explain to my patient girl that her gift is coming, though it's running a little late. She's cool with that.

Expected delivery date comes and goes - no yarn. I email the company - their records say it's been delivered. I email the post office - they look high and low. Nothing. I email the company again, and in the goodness of their knitting hearts, they send me another skein. Love.

And so finally, with much delay and difficulty, Eleanor has her sweater.
 Of course, it's big, but since that doesn't seem to bother her, I shant let it bother me.
And, I know it's like 90 degrees outside, but it wasn't when I started, and besides - I'm a knitter. Knitters gonna knit, right?