Monday, January 6, 2014

"You're WHAT?!"

Wow, I can't get away with anything! Clearly, those who know me know me pretty well indeed, because it seems that the only time I get really tired is when there's a bun in the our friends all knew that the Gayners were expecting baby number 7 without having to say much at all!
We are all very excited, though both Toby and I made the observation that we might be crazy once or twice. After all, a new baby during Toby's year of intense study was not part of the plan, but God always seems to choose better for us than we would choose for ourselves, doesn't He? Besides, being a little crazy seems to be the hallmark for our family, so why not just roll with it?
The current due date is July 27, which falls after Toby's graduation, and into that strange frame of time where there is no concrete plan. Always ready for adventure, we are - I wonder what state this kiddo will be born in?