Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My children are bananas.

And I am rather tired.
It should have been a peaceful night, sleeping to the sound of freezing rain. For some reason, it stirred the latent madness of my young children. At 2.30am, I found I had a bed buddy - Noah. I discovered that he was there when he rolled over and whacked me in the face. Hmph. Pack him off to bed. Next up is Abigail, a couple of minutes later, stumbling down the hall to the bathroom. Everyone back in bed, just drifting off to sleep, when Noah comes out of his bed again, looking for a party, apparently. More firm this time, "Back to bed!". A couple minutes later, Anna, doing her best to seriously creep me out. I hear the door open; I know it's Anna by the intermittent whimpering. I expect her to patter to the bathroom, but no - she just stands in the doorway to my room, shivering. "You okay, darling?" "I need the bathroom." "You need some help?" "No." Ooookaaaay... "Are you going to go to the bathroom, then?" "Oh, yeah!"
Finally, after getting up one more time to shut the light off, everyone is in bed and quiet again.
In what seems like a couple more minutes, the alarm clock sounds (at 5am), a protracted tussle ensues, and I am shovelling snow at 7am.
I don't know, man. Toby better get himself home soon. I think they should do these India visits in the spring...

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