Friday, June 7, 2013

A brand new smile

See that girl there, on the right? The one with more teeth than mouth?

Well, almost a year and a half ago, she had braces put on. Not that they diminished her beauty one little bit, oh no.
But today was a big day - she was very excited... have them all come off!
I am so proud of her - through all the stuff she couldn't eat, through having to wear the awful head gear, through poking wires and discomfort, she never complained or made a fuss.
She's really grown in humility, patience and trust in her God through this past year or so, and I am so grateful - grateful for medicine, grateful for growth in her life, and grateful to the God who loves her so much. Grateful to see her love and thankfulness for the Savior increasing each day. 

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Zoanna said...

Wow! What a pretty smile. Look at her glow! So happy for her.