Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Handy Man

Our laundry room is not my favorite place. It's always kind of a mess with recycling and boots thrown hither and tither. There was no place to keep winter items, either - wet stuff was often left on the floor to form puddles or tossed into a laundry basket.
Toby'd had a bee in his bonnet to organize the laundry room, and during the Christmas break, he had his chance:
Basically, we took down a large corner cupboard that had been on the wall and stuck way out into the room and installed a coat rack that we've had for ages. He also scratch built the boot cubbies, with only one minor drilling injury (just a flesh wound...)!
I'm excited about this little detail, as it's one of my own inspirations: drill coffee can to wall. Insert gloves, hang scarf around and use hat as a lid. Everything has a home and everything can get dry.
The room isn't finished yet - I'd love to finish the walls and stain and seal the floor. But we've taken a big step in the right direction, and now when I enter the room, I smile rather than sigh. That makes a big difference.