Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Whatcha reading?

Earlier this year, I was sailing through my reading list - I even added in a few extra items. Since Caleb's been born, though, my reading has slowed down, which is really unusual for me. Normally I have a lot of time to sit and read while I'm nursing, but it turns out I've been doing a lot of my reading aloud to the kids when I'm nursing. That being the case, I probably won't make it all the way through my planned reading list before the end of the year, but so what? For me, the plan is the thing, even if I have to deviate from it for a while...
I'm currently reading The Mission of Motherhood, by Sally Clarkson. It's been good - refreshing and good for refocusing on seeing my position of mother as that of being a missionary to my kids. It's been convicting for me, too - as a serious multi-tasker, I don't always take the time to focus on the details. I'm also a pretty self-absorbed individual - I have a plan and "pity the fool" who keeps me from it. Yet if my kids don't feature heavily in that plan, I'm the fool to be pitied.
I loved reading Patricia St. John Tells Her Own Story. What an amazing story! Her life was definitely a testimony of God's grace and generous love that really came through in each story she shares. I hadn't read Treasures of the Snow or the Tangelwoods' Secret growing up, so it was marvellous to "meet" the real her - I'm looking forward to introducing the kids to some of her books!
My husband has been on at me to read Practicing Affirmation for quite a while (perhaps he's trying to tell me something?), so I'd like to try to read that and Give Them Grace before the year's end. I'm not sure if I'll make it, but it's worth trying!
What are some "must reads" that you've come across this year?

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Danielle said...

I read The Mission of Motherhood last year I think it was. Glad you like the Patricia St. John book. Her life was so inspiring. I can't wait until the kids are older so I can read her novels to them!

I'm still working through Bonhoeffer (!?) and working on "The Core" which is about Classical education. I'm finding it rather dry. I like "A Well-Trained Mind" much better. They're similar although different books.

The books I'm most looking FORWARD to reading soon is Kate Morton's new novel (I'm on the waiting list at the library) and "The Land of Blue Burqas" which I'm getting free from Moody to review for Ungrind. I listened to the author on ROH and I'm so excited to read her story of life in Afganistan.