Monday, November 5, 2012

Car Seat Couture

Caleb's car seat is pretty old and was starting to show its age, mainly in the sag around the sun canopy - more often than not, the thing ended up in his face. I also started to notice how regardless of the canopy, he still would get the sun in his face.
When I saw this pin, I knew what must be done...
 On this occasion, I used the pin for inspiration rather than followed it exactly, and it was just the ticket. I was able to line it with some flannel from the stash, which allows it to hang better and gives an extra layer of warmth.
I'm thinking this is the perfect time of year for this sort of project - protection from the weather and other people's germs, a cozy little blackout screen, and a little bit of pretty as the weather turns bleak.
The only thing cuter is the baby inside.

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