Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I don't normally do this...

...but this time, I reconsidered.
After seeing the appeal for the Barlow family through the Simple Mom feed, I almosted moved on, but this time, I paused. I thought about this family whom I don't know and will likely never meet, who just lost a husband and father so suddenly. Then I thought about my family - what it would be like if Toby was suddenly gone. Tragic doesn't begin to describe. I'm not sure there really are suitable words to express what we would feel, what this family must now be feeling.
I thought about what a blessing it would be to be cared for by friends who endeavored to help in whatever way they could. What a balm it would be to a broken heart to know that they not only offered their services to help me, but also shared the need and widened the circle of help on my behalf.
And so, I made a purchase. After all, what's five bucks when you're husband comes home every night? We can swing that. I think most of us can.
Would you please consider going over to Simple Mom,  NOW, following the link and making a purchase? It's only good for another day or so, so please head over now. It's such a little thing that can be such a comfort to a hurting family.
And if you're of a mind to, pray for them. God binds up the broken hearted in ways we could never do.

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Kjirstin Cole said...

Thank you for responding to this Kelly! This is the extended family of my caregroup leader here, and we have been trying to reach out to them! Thank you for responding to His call on your heart!