Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Made from Scraps - Preemie Hats

Every Monday morning this summer, several young girls and their moms would come on over to my house to visit, play and knit. Some had an idea of what to do with needles and yarn, some were totally new to the process. Regardless, everyone learned, which was the point of our little endeavor, and I think (hope!) everyone had fun in the process. A couple of my knitters were ready, by the summer's end, to have a go at doing some small hats. In light of the fact that I should soon be visiting the maternity ward myself, we decided to make a few hats to donate to the NICU there. Aren't they cute?!
 All the hats pictured were made from yarn I already had leftover from other projects, and all but one were made by casting on 60 stitches onto double pointed needles and knit for about 2 inches. To decrease, k8, k2tog until the end of the row. Next row, knit. Another decrease row: k7, k2tog to end. Knit row. Continue decreasing every other row until there are about 4 stitches left, then tie it off and weave in the ends.
Lovely soft yarns for lovely little heads, and I have a little more room for a little more yarn. Everyone wins.

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