Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Made from Scraps - Bookmarks

This family is made of readers. As book-lovers, we need bookmarks. And in my quest for near-instant gratification and less scrap material in my closet, I met a need: more bookmarks!
 The tutorial I used for inspiration called for several small pieces stitched together, but I went for single pieces with fusible interfacing in between. Some I made according to the instructions (turning right side out and top stitching) and adding a ribbon, but a couple I made by just sewing the wrong sides (fused) together and trimming the raw edges with pinking shears. Both were fun and easy.

I have no idea why the photos came out upside down (camera phone!), nor why I couldn't seem to turn them around in my picture file. Whatever - I think you get the point. :)
For the record, I did make a couple of non-girly bookmarks for the boys, but they never made it to the camera stage - they were run off with too quickly. I think that's a good thing.

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