Monday, February 13, 2012

Multitude Mondays

It's been a couple of weeks since I've had the mental capacity to do more than dress myself and feed my family (and not always in that order). So, in the past couple of weeks, some of my multitudinous blessings have included:
  • Toby having an enjoyable and safe trip to the UK to visit family
  • watching movies with my kids
  • getting up to speed with House on Hulu in the comfort of my bed
  • other than a single sick kid one morning, the rest of the family remained healthy
  • a snuggly morning where Dan joined me in bed and went back to sleep for an hour
  • taking the kids to spend some Christmas money on fun craft projects
  • finishing The Trumpet of the Swan together and enjoying the children enjoy the story
  • everyone pitching in to get chores done together
  • the hours they spend playing Lego and creating
  • Toby's safe return!
  • praying together
  • roast chicken
  • the new season of the BBC's Sherlock

1 comment:

Mandie said...

Joel loves Sherlock but I have to say, I've got mixed feelings. I thought they missed the point on the Scandal in Bohemia remake. Or maybe I'm a Conan Doyle snob :). Have you ever watched the series where Jeremy Brett plays Holmes? I think it's BBC.