Monday, December 5, 2011

Multitude Mondays

In these crazy days leading up to Christmas, fraught with all we need and would like to do, I'm finding it necessary to pause, take a deep breath, and whisper thanks for all He has provided. In the doing, I remember what and whom I am celebrating...

  • an early Christmas gift - a new laptop
  • my Care Group (church home group)
  • a freshly organized cupboard (finally finding things - can't beat it!)
  • both girls gave impromptu speeches without distress (a major grace, this!)
  • the Christmas tree is up and decorated!
  • the nice men our housing association sent to take care of a precarious dead pine behind our property
  • having a really nice mail man
  • the ability to do so much shopping online
  • a smooth dentist visit for my big girl
  • playing games with a neighbor
  • having a laugh at Toby's work Christmas party

1 comment:

Danielle said...

Online shopping is a huge blessing, huh? Saves time and even money (no gas needed) and my sanity! Congrats on the new laptop!