Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My MItts

Most women I know suffer from cold hands to some extent. And while cold hands mean a warm heart, I'd rather have both warm hands and a warm heart, thanks. So when I saw this pattern for fingerless mitts made from a minuscule amount of yarn, I had to give it a try.
 For me, they are just right. I had the leftover Malabrigo from my sweater and cowl, so there was no shopping involved - a bonus at this time of year. One thing I really like is that neither the wrist nor finger ribbing is too long, and they fit beautifully under long sleeves. With some other versions I've made, the "wrist" area actually goes halfway up my arm, which doesn't sit comfortably under sleeves. Maybe I'm just fussy, but I'm not down with that.
Contrary to popular belief, I haven't found fingerless mittens to leave your fingers cold and your hands hot - they seem to lend an all-over warmth while leaving your fingers free for using your iPhone or iPad, or delivering the mail (if you're my mom). Or knitting, of course.
Soft, warm, squishy mitts. Love.


Danielle said...

Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

I want