Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Multitude Mondays, a day late

A house full of poorly children seem to have a way of dominating the time, don't they? But they also seem to have a knack for inspiring extra affection from even the grumpiest of souls (ahem), not to mention many reasons to recognize God's goodness and faithfulness in our lives.
  • The Sovereign Grace Pastor's Conference and the wonderful preaching we heard there
  • seeing old friends and meeting some new ones
  • a fearless grandma who kept all 5 kids alive!
  • even though the kids have been under the weather, they've all been in surprisingly good spirits
  • the ability to conveniently take children to the doctor, when much of the world has no such opportunity
  • such a nice doctor, too!
  • a very first blood draw for one of the kids was very easy and virtually pain-free
  • the ability to listen to a message online even when I can't be at church
  • my sweet husband leaving church early and doing fun Sunday-school activities with the kids
  • a new, and free, iPhone!
  • kids slowly beginning to feel better
  • lots of reading time
  • lots of knitting time
  • lots of down time, at home, where I belong

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