Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Unexpected Cut

I'd been thinking about Ellie's hair. After the big girls' hair cuts, I realized that hers also needed a cut, but I wasn't sure just what to do, so I waited. Evidently, I waited too long, so she decided to take matters into her own hands:

Sigh. These photos just don't do it justice - it's horrible. All my kids have cut their hair at one time or another, but it was always fixable; a small chunk, down low. Not this time - there are parts in the front where her hair isn't even an inch long.

I had a go at fixing it:

It's better, but still obviously not right. Oh, well. Thankfully, this is the season of sunhats...


Anonymous said...

cute! i think it's lovely. :) (sunhats are all the rage, you know).

Briana Almengor said...

oh my word. Bella just did the same thing on sat. night, though, (tongue in cheek), her's wasn't as noticeable. But, she had been talking to me for weeks about cutting it short like mine, so had I been a wiser mommy I should've just taken the girl to get it cut.

I do think Ellie's hair is adorable that short. She pulls it off well, and kuddos to you for trying to fix it yourself.

To comfort you (and to show just how foolish I really am), I did the same thing as Ellie, only I was in HIGH SCHOOL for goodness sakes! My poor mother.

And, that is why I have the children I do....and I love them. I do. I really do love them. to pieces. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ellie looks so happy with her new haircut! She poses with such a lovely little smile! She is such a dream. You did a fine job fixing it up! The rest will grow out in time! I'll look around for lovely hats in the meantime.! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thought i'd let you know that mom is anonymous! LOL